Here is a collection of the slide decks that I have created for various talks.

5 Tools For Easy K8s Cluster Operation

Given with Lance Smith at the Kubernetes Meetup in Boulder, CO - slides

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Adding Operational Magic to Your Clusters Using Reckoner

An extended and updated version of the earlier talk on Autohelm now that Autohelm has become Reckoner - slides

Adding Operational Magic to Your Clusters Using Autohelm

Cluster operators require a non-trivial number of standard tools in order to keep clusters running and provide tooling to the applications running in the cluster. At ReactiveOps we have a standard set of tools that we use across all of our clusters. Managing these can be troublesome, but with a little help from Helm and a homegrown tool called Autohelm, we can ease the pain of maintaining these tools. This will include a demo and a shallow dive into each of the tools that we consider standard - slides

Grassroots Kube [Ignite]

A talk about how my team at ReadyTalk affected a culture shift from monoliths to Kubernetes. This was given as an Ignite talk - 5 minutes of auto-advancing - slides